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24/7 Service

We are accessible 7 days a week to serve all of your fuel needs. Our dispatcher is on call to make sure you have your gas when you need it. When there is a snow storm we work tirelessly to make sure that you receive your gas when you need it and never run out. We are proactively checking weather stations and calling our haulers to make sure your gas is on time.

Fuel Consulting/Discounts

We are partners that provide profitability opportunity. With our 25+ years of experience, when you partner with us you are able to gain advice from our experienced staff. Not only will you be getting better fuel prices, but also you get problem solving advice and tips on where to find the best equipment for your station at the best prices. We are committed to your success that when you partner with us we can include you in our buying power for convenience store products, meaning that you get the big bulk discount price even if you are a single location business.

Market Watching

Our team is always monitoring the stock market to maximize the benefits of an up market for our customers, and industry activity that might affect the market.

Dedicated Sales Rep

As a new customer you will have a dedicated sales representative to answer any and all of your questions. Your sales representative will be someone that you know and someone that knows you and your business. If any major problem comes up you will have the help of our team for support. Every level of our Company is committed to making sure your business runs smoothly.