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The Yatco story started in Sierra Leone, Africa with a young Tarek Yatim helping out his father in his general store selling tires, rice, coffee, flour, and other commodities. At 18 years old after his father passed away and he took over the family business, Tarek headed to the city to meet vendors and learn the convenience store trade.




After having success in Sierra Leone with the family convenience store business, Tarek and his family immigrated to the U.S. to escape the civil war that consumed the country. They resided in the Boston area as Tarek worked as a gas attendant and then settled in Worcester, MA a year later.




The first gas station that presented itself was a run-down, boarded-up location on Lincoln St. in Worcester, MA. Even though the location left much to be desired, Tarek saw it as an opportunity to get into the business. He attended Exxon’s dealer training program in Texas and once he returned he worked around the clock to get the station up and running.



After a successful first year running the first location on Lincoln St.,
Tarek opened up another location across the city on Park Avenue in Worcester.




With over two decades on the retail side of the business and a robust store count, Yatco Distribution is formed to internally supply fuel to locations as well as external customers throughout New England.




Yatco opens it’s first company-operated store outside
of Massachusetts, expanding in Connecticut.




Yatco continues to expand into additional New England states by opening up our first company-operated store in Rhode Island.